Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto: Eliminating Bugs in Your Hotel

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Most articles that discuss on bed bugs usually provide pictures and illustrations that make us able to easily identify the insects though it is always harder to pin them down. Based on the reports from bed bug exterminator Toronto specialists who are experts on bed bugs, bed bugs vary as there is not just one type, there several types of bed bugs. Apart from the general bed bug that lurks on human blood, some other bed bugs prefer animal blood like bats.

Do you need some more thorough knowledge on bed bugs? Their eggs stick initially when they are first laid; making it stick to any surface they are placed on. When they are hatched, they look as small as pinheads. As these bed bugs continue to grow, they begin to shed off their skin. It is said that shedding could happen five times before they become adults.

Bed bug professionals claim that the speed at which bed bugs develop depends on the proper temperature, between 70 – 90° F. with this in place, they can quickly their transition process from being eggs to becoming adult bed bug in just a month.

Cold temperatures and their inadequate access to a prey can interrupt the full development of the bed bugs. However, this does not make them die easily. Bed bugs have also been compared to cockroaches in terms of their rigidity. Bed bugs can also survive for months when not fed. The adult bed bugs can live for about a year or more without a blood meal.

Bed bugs are night time creatures. Being parasites, they move without being noticed in our homes, furniture, carpets, bed, etc… They cannot fly, but they are quick and can easily move through almost every surface.

When you are sure that there are bed bugs in your mattress, most bed bug exterminator Toronto experts will advise that you dispose of your bed. As spraying pesticides on the bed could be poisonous for the owner if he still plans to sleep on it.


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