Bluefin Trading: Health Benefits of Taking your Hoverboard on Vacation

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There are a lot of hoverboard brands available at the moment, including Bluefin trading, and with the fires of recent—it’s vital to select the best hoverboard to suit your needs. Therefore, we have put together a list that contains the best hoverboard brands, explainingwhat you should really be on the search for when you want to buy a hoverboard.

Let usbegin by stating that the first choice you need to make when purchasing a hoverboard has to be the wheels’ size. The most popular sizes include 6.5-inch wheels, which is the most common one by miles, 8-inch wheels, employed for X-design hoverboards that haveBluetooth speakers, and 10-inch wheels, which employ the use of inflatable rubber tires, they generally havea smoother ride on rough terrains, and stronger electric motors.

One of the most popular brands right now, Swegway manufactures some truly high-quality hoverboards. Since they’re one of the first brands on the market, they’ve had the opportunity to thoroughly work on their product and truly set the pace. The Swagway X1, which is their 6.5-inch model, was introduced as a run-of-the-mill hoverboard that has normal components. However, the design has since been improved upon with a more modern look thus providing the boards with a more streamlined look after the bottom portion of the wheel arches was removed.

The Powerboard is another example of the 6.5-inch wheel hoverboard that has been in existence for a while. They began the chrome paints trend on hoverboards, and they do look a bit snazzy, though the special paint will cost you around $200 extra. The Powerboards otherwise are presentlysimilar in price with Swegways. The main differences? Well, a Powerboard is a bit slower than theSwegway (8mph vs 10mph) and couldconveyaround 2 pounds less than theSwegway (220lbs vs 222lbs).

Note that many small establishments come and go, and we try to keep our articles updated. Check back intermittently as we add more organisations to the list of best hoverboard brands, or get the existing ones updated.

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