Check this out if you are serious about going on that long-planned French vacation

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For couples all over the world, the very best place to go on a honeymoon is Paris, France. There is just something about the Eiffel Tower that screams romance. There is just something about the city of lights that makes people moist with romantic sentimentalism. You really cannot blame them because for the longest time Hollywood has programed us into thinking that France, in particular Paris, is especially romantic.

There are many other parts of the world that are romantic like San Francisco, Venice, and Italy and other places but when it comes to the popular imagination nothing can quite come close to the status of Paris, France and the Eiffel Tower. This is why a lot of people dream of going on vacation to France.

There’s just something mystical, exotic, or oh so classy about France and everything related to that country. Maybe it is their attitude. Maybe it is the long association with everything and anything French to style, class, refinement and sophistication. Maybe it has something to do with the traditional French high regard for fine living and the more nuanced things in life. Believe me, this reputation took hundreds of years to nurture, maintain, cultivate, and fine tune. It definitely is not something that is of recent vintage. It’s not like all this fascination for everything and anything French happened overnight.

Depending on your financial situation, it can be a once in a lifetime trip or it can be a regular trip. Whatever the case maybe, if you are serious about going on that French vacation, you need to check this out. You have to understand that a French vacation should not just be defined and stopped with Paris. I know this sounds crazy, but there is a lot more going for France than Paris.

I know, crazy right but it’s true. In fact, if you look at the French culture and try to trace where it came from, it obviously came from the provinces. It came from the rural countryside and that is the other half of the whole French vacation equation. If you don’t massage in include or otherwise incorporate a trip to the French countryside in your long-planned French vacation, you really are missing out.

You are cutting out a tremendous portion of what makes France truly French. Do yourself a big favor, go on a hunting trip while you’re out there in the French outdoors. It really would take your vacation to a whole other level. You get to stare deep into the authentic, sincere, and essential French soul. Check this out so you can get all the resources you need from the very best hunting blog on the planet, so you will come adequately prepared.


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