Enjoy your French vacation by leaving all your offshore software development to www.dotnear.com

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I remember a vacation I went to for a long time. I went to Vancouver, Canada. Have you been to Vancouver, Canada? Let me tell you, you should go. For once in your life, go there because it really is an amazing place.

I haven’t gotten to a place that’s cleaner. It turned out, after my Canadian friend told me that, I stayed at the “bad” part of town. This is a part of town where there are drug addicts, hookers, junkies, gang members, criminal, you name it. But for the life of me, I didn’t know, because it actually looked like a pleasant neighbourhood in Los Angeles.

I know that sounds crazy, that the worst part of Vancouver measures up to a decent middle-class, suburban area in Los Angeles. Who knew? That’s how clean and orderly Vancouver was.

I remember telling my friend that I was staying at the best Western, low-cost hotel in Vancouver and elsewhere, and my friend was freaking out. Again, this was after the fact that we didn’t communicate before my trip. And he said, “Why did you book in there? That place was the ghetto”. I said, “No, it was really nice. It was very peaceful”. “Peaceful?” And I was freaking out.

I share this story with you because you don’t want to freak out in your vacation because, believe me, had I talked to my friend in the middle of my vacation, chances are, I would not have enjoyed Vancouver all that much. I would not have look at it with the neutral set of eyes that I have. Basically, I would be looking for signs of trouble, decay or I would be looking for the “bad” part of the town. But since I get there, I really made the impression that Vancouver is beautiful, orderly, and peaceful and has a lot of friendly people.

Keep this in mind because when you are going into a vacation trip in France, you don’t want the hassle of your day-to-day business life or professional career getting in the way.  I know this is kind of a toll order, that this is not always possible, but you have to do your best.  Let’s face it; you are spending a tremendous amount of time, effort and money going on vacation.

The French vacation that you have set up should be the vacation of a lifetime. Most people who go to Paris only visit there once. So the vacation is supposed to mean something. It is supposed to be a high-impact type of vacation.

Unfortunately, you run the risk of ruining your fun and also making it less memorable if you worry about the software development of your company. How do you manage the situation? How do you set things up so you don’t worry about the small stuff while you are in your once-in-a-lifetime French vacation?

It’s actually quite simple. You just need to leave all your offshore software development to a specific company.

Understand that near shoring is not exactly a new concept. Many Western European countries as well as companies based in Canada and the United States have been outsourcing work to Poland, as well as Romania and other places in Western Europe. This is due to a wide range of strategic reasons, not just due to cost. Cost savings are quite substantial.

Anyway, when you do near-shoring, a lot of your headaches would go away. You can rest assure that your project is being managed   properly and the schedule is being met, so a lot of big issues go away.

Unfortunately, not all near-shoring companies are created equally. Some are more professional than others. In fact, you can count with two hands the truly professional, Western level software development company. One of this is www.dotnear.com.

If you are sick and tired of screwing around with substandard company or you want to maximize every dollar that you invest in near-shoring, you can’t go wrong with www.dotnear.com. Check them out today, you owe it to yourself.

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