How to Choose a Turntable in the Modern Digital World

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Currently, there are a lot of various turntable and audio turntables obtainable in the market, music lovers enjoy the interesting technology and nice sound these offers. Though the latest USB turntable looks the same in terms of design to the older style, they are way ahead and provides the user a lot. To learn more, visit

The several types of USB turntable are widely known within the music industry, they are growing in usage throughout the field even in recording studios. The USB turntable allows the user to completely understand music. The best of the audio turntable is the one that is built for vinyl music. With a quality USB turntable, you can add vinyl music with analog to create a nice music.

Majority of the audio turntable does come with an interface for a turntable, enabling you to add them together and attach them to your computer. With this new tool, you can easily convert the original analog music to digital without any challenge. A good USB turntable will have several great features, they can be acquired normally with anti-skating control points, high-speed vinyl recording, and modifiable interfaces. With few models of the audio turntable, you can as well connect them to you home sound systems.

Before buying a turntable you have to ask the right questions. Indeed, making your choice of the turntable is not a straightforward. To accompany you in your approach, we offer a series of questions to ask yourself in the first place before buying a turntable. The answers you give will guide you to a short selection of turntables and tailored to your needs.

What audio equipment do you already have?

When you start the process of buying a turntable, your choice must first take into account the material you already have. Indeed, the components of an audiophile system must be equivalent in terms of quality. For example, if you have a phono preamp or a mid-high-end amplifier and you are satisfied with it, then you must direct your choice to a turntable whose manufacturing quality is good enough to take advantage of all performance what is able to provide your amp.

Before buying your turntable, it is also important to check that the equipment you currently own is compatible. For example, if you have an amplifier, make sure it has a phono input. If necessary, you will need a phono preamplifier, essential when you plan to buy a turntable!

What are my musical tastes?

Answering this question will help you understand which turntable to direct to match your musical preferences. So depending on whether you are more rock, classical or jazz the choice of the turntable will be important.

We invite you to get closer to our technical department to be oriented, especially if you are new to the world of vinyl and you have no reference listening on a turntable. During your contact, you can also mention if you prefer a more dynamic listening or on the contrary more transparent and more neutral.

Do you plan on upgrading the turntable?

When planning to buy a turntable, think of the possible changes you would like to make. Indeed, most turntables are so-called evolutionary. That is to say, it is possible to upgrade, by changing the phono cable or the phono cell etc. However, on some turntables, the phono cable is captive, so it is not possible to replace it. This detail is indicated in the data sheets of each turntable.

You also need to know, that the more you buy the turntable is scalable, the wider the choice of accessories available to you to upgrade and improve. This allows you to boost the quality of listening in a significant way, by proceeding step by step if the budget does not allow you to get started right away in the purchase of a more powerful turntable.

What is your total budget?

It now comes the question of the budget you want to allocate to the purchase of your turntable. There is a very wide range of turntables ranging from entry level to very high end, and the kind that you will end up buying will, of course, depend on your total budget. So try to consider how much you will be willing to spend on a new turntable.

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