Losing your cell phone in France is no longer a possibility thanks to Handy Nummer Orten

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Before I found out about Handy nummer orten, I was really clueless about what would really happen if my mobile device disappears. You might be thinking that I am crazy or unusual, but I am not. In fact, I’m quite average because this what most people think. They think that as long as their phones are in their hands, their phone somehow, someway would remain in their possession and that they would never lose it for a long period of time.

Absolutely wrong! The more you move around or the more you travel around, the higher the chance that you are going to be separated from your phone permanently. It is just a tatistical fact. It may not be your time, nor may it be your turn, but it’s only a matter of time before this happens because you are putting yourself out there.

Thus, the more you travel, the more unfamiliar you are in the places you find yourself, the higher the chance that you will get distracted and sure enough, you will lose your phone. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not prepare for this.  They don’t back up their data; they don’t back up their contact sheet. They don’t do anything; they just believe that “out of sight, out of might”.

Simply burying your head in the sand regarding a particular potential problem doesn’t necessarily make the possibility that the problem will go away. In fact, it does the opposite. Since you are completely oblivious to the possibility you might put yourself in the position where it is more probable for unwanted situation to materialize.

In other words, if you assume that your phone will never get lost, you can become careless. You can take your phone for granted. And believe me, you are taking it a lot for granted because if you are like are a typical American consumer, you’d probably be taking all sorts of sensitive photos with your phone.

I’m not talking necessarily about X-rated photos or even R-rated ones. I’m talking about sensitive photos in the sense that these are very valuable to you, like a phone video footage of your child doing a piano recital. It can be your child doing the first communion.

Whatever the case may be, you are taking this video footage and you are not bragging it up to the internet. If you lose that video memory, it will break your heart because you would like to come back to that time when your child was six years old and he was playing a piano recital.

You want to reconnect with that sense of pride when you saw your kid playing a whole piano piece all by himself. It would also be great to see your kid going through communion or confirmation or any kind of spiritual rite of passage. That’s the kind of thing that you will be losing if you play fast and loose with the safety and security of your phone.

But this is not always possible. Try as hard as you might, sometimes you just get distracted. Sometimes there are just many different factors beyond your control that lead to losing your phone. After all, you can’t control everything.

But here’s the thing: by simply installing the Handy nummer orten app into your cell phone, you protect yourself substantially from saying goodbye permanently to that particular communication device.

How does it work? You download the app from the Handy nummer orten official website and then they reconfigure your phone. The good news is that it can be easily downloaded. It basically turns your phone into a homing beacon. It always sends signals to the third party server so if your phone is missing, you just go to their website and you will know where it exactly is.  It will tell you the exact location.

You may then get in touch with whoever you need to get in touch with so you can retrieve your phone. You may need to call the police, the mall security, and airport security. Whatever the case may be, Handy nummer orten gives you the precise location so that you can know the identity of the people you need to reach out to.

So make no mistake about it. You cannot waste time. You need to get the bottom of the problem as soon as possible because you only have a few hours to work with. Your phone is only sending signals for as long as the battery is alive, so if the beacon stops and the pinging die down, you can kiss your phone goodbye.

So move quickly.

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