Louis Vuitton Handbag: All You Ought To Know About Women’s Handbags

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Women’s handbags are more like shoes, diamond, and the other fashion statements. Women’s handbags have been observed and tagged a woman’s best friend. It is quite unimaginable to find a trendy woman that is without a Louis Vuitton handbag in her wardrobe. Classy and Trendy women are always found carrying handbags wherever they are going, just so they can be convenient.

Most recently, studies have it that women’s handbags are one of the important fashion statements as far as other fashion statements are concerned. It is conventional to find handbags being used to express individuality, moods, status, and style. The much better the handbags they have, the better the style and the status they are offered.

It is vital that you invest time in researching how to go about choosing the ideal model, style, and color of handbags. This will, in turn, bring a much appealing appearance in fashion and style of your regular activities. Choosing a color that matches whatever outfit you are wearing can be quite beneficial. It is important that you consider the model, style, and brand for better representation of your lifestyle. In addition, it will not be a bad idea for you to have knowledge of the kind of handbag you are going to match with the different occasion you will be attending.

Most times, we find women looking more stylish when they are with the ideal handbag they carry along with them wherever they are going. In order to achieve the perfect fashion and style, it is vital you get the right handbag to match the right occasion.

Time and again, when looking for another handbag, you can find an offer that makes your mouth water and immediately arouses your interest. The price of the Louis Vuitton bag seems unbeatable and then it’s time for a fake check. Just because a bag is sold at a cheap price does not mean that you should immediately buy it, there are a ton of things that you will need to consider whenever you are purchasing a new Louis Vuitton Bag.

In order for you to be able to accurately find out, based on certain indications, whether it is an original or an expensive forgery of the Louis Vuitton bag, we have noted the following features.

How to tell if the bag that you are buying is real or fake?

The disappointment can be particularly sad when a good friend suddenly declares that the recently purchased bag is a plagiarism and that she immediately recognized it at some points. If you already spend a lot of money, you also want to be proud of a super quality.

Here are some points to look for:

The Louis Vuitton Monogram

The logo always consists of two opposite capital letters as a pair of the 1st LV  is right around and the second is right next to it, mirror on the head.

They are always diamond shaped by 2 points from the nearest pair. The letters of the monogram are characterized by the fact that they are sewn extremely tight. Nevertheless, the letters are not connected.

Louis Vuitton Logo

When opening the bag, there is always an LV sign with stamped lettering inside. The lettering on the front of the sign is always perfect, punched in the middle. The left side of the bag’s on the lettering is always wider, thicker than the right side. If one folds the sign, there are also 2 perfectly placed, cantered rows with number sequences.

The seams

The seams are in a perfect line but have been seen from left to right per stitch, a slight angle from left-down to right-up.


The Louis Vuitton logo is always engraved or stitched in. And if it is not engraved. Then you will have a problem with the bag being fake.

Louis Vuitton Charm

The left LV charm is always above and on the right side of the other LV symbol.

Lining Odour

Fake bags are often glued together using adhesives when it comes to linings, and the fabrics are treated with chemicals to save money on production. If you open the bag and you detect one of these odours that is another indication that something is wrong here.


LV bags are known to close the zipper with a little more force because the teeth are close together. This is often very easy with fake bags.

If you want to buy an LV bag, then you should definitely consider following all of the tips in this article. It would be the surest way that you can find and purchase an authentic bug cheap Louis Vuitton bag.

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