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Usually when people think of traveling, they think about what they would be doing when they get to their destination. Their mind turns to what they will see, what local attractions and landmarks they will see. They can’t wait to see the fancy costumes, or the ins and outs of their particular destination. They also can’t wait to taste their vacation destination.

I’m referring to going restaurant-hopping. It would be especially fun if you are going to France or Italy. These are places that are quite renowned for their cuisine. You basically experience a new culture through your belly. What’s not to love?

A lot of people also pay attention to a lot of smell, because certain places have certain smells and they can be very, very pleasant. Italians, for example, have made an art of perfumes and colognes. The  same thing with French.

This is all well and good. The problem is, when you’re traveling, there is the time involved. If you are coming from the United States to Paris, France – depending on the way you are coming from the US – it can be a long, long time. We are talking about at least 5 hours to go over the pond, and then another hour or two from Heathrow airport in London.

What are you going to do in between? This is great when you are living in New York, but what if you live in California? So you’re going to add more hours to your travel time. This is why it’s a good idea to read more about the right kind of guitars. When you read more about the specific type of guitar that you should get for your travel, you would then have a musical instrument that you can play to weather the time.

You have to make sure that you comply with aircraft regulations. Usually, airlines have strict regulations regarding music being played, but if people around you don’t mind, and you play the kind of music that everybody can relate to (possibly a Spanish classical music), you’d be in a good spot.

There’s just nothing better to kill time than expressing you soul through a well-tuned and well-designed French classical guitar. In a way, this is a great way to build up some anticipation for your upcoming French vacation.

So a little bit of advance planning can go a long way here, but you have to be very proactive about it. Don’t just think that you just need to snap up some guitar and all of a sudden, you’d be producing some kind of music that people will grow to accept and love. No, it doesn’t work that way.

You really have to buy the right kind of equipment to produce the right kind of outcome. That’s how it normally works. You can’t assume that just because you pick some cheap guitar from Amazon that you’re good to go. You need to read more about this specific type of guitar that produces a specific sound so that people around you would be pleasantly entertained while you are trying to kill a few hours.

Make no mistake about it, unless the airlines that you are on allow you to play video games, you’re definitely going to feel every second of that hours commuting. So either you play guitar or some other musical instruments. Or do what I do; I make sure that I’m really tired when I show up at the airport.

This is why I tend to schedule my overseas plane trips late at night. I get really, really tired and I get sleepy, so when I get to the plane, I barely get to my seat and I completely fall unconscious. This is good for about 8 hours of sleeping time.

For the most part, it is good for travelling from the East coast to France or to Western Europe. However, it is not so good if you are travelling from the United States to Australia or Southeast Asia.

So do yourself a big favor. Read more about guitars so you can at least entertain yourself and others while you going on a long plane ride to your French vacation.

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