Spotting the best League of Legends puns is like looking for a great vacation spot

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Make no mistake about it if you are hanging out with people playing League of Legends, there’s quite a bit of community building going on. In fact, this community is so big and so widespread that people all over the world have put up all sorts of fan sites dedicated to everything and anything related to LOL. It’s as if the League of Legends phenomenon has taken a life of its own.

Well, if you think about it, and if you’ve spent quite a bit of time playing this game, this should not come as a surprise. In fact, none of this should be a surprise because Leave of Legends is a lot of fun regardless of whether English is your mother tongue or regardless of how much you play LOL, you can’t help but talk about LOL. You can’t help but share your infectious love for it.

There are tremendous amounts of communities dedicated to League of Legends all over the world. These take the form of Pinterest pin boards. They can also be Facebook groups. They can be Twitter accounts. They can definitely be Facebook pages.

What these all have in common is the fact that people have developed their own specific language regarding everything and anything related to League of Legends. This is where League of Legends puns come in. There are certain concepts in League of Legends that people like to throw out because it attracts the attention of other LOL players. It’s as if they’re talking their own private language.

This sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, the problem is there are a lot of bad puns out there. They’re corny, they’re stupid and they would make you want to throw up in many cases and point your finger into a room of people and say, “You nerds!”

If you want to spot only the very best League of Legends puns, you have to get ready. It’s kind of like looking for a great vacation spot. It doesn’t really matter whether it makes sense to you. It has to make sense to a huge number of people.

That’s how you know a great vacation spot is truly great because it has a wide applicability. The same applies to League of Legends puns. If you’re the only person who laughs at a pun, you might want to sit up and pay attention. You might want to get concerned because it may seem like you’re the only nerd who finds this interesting.

Do yourself a big favor. Look for something that has a wider application. By choosing to look beyond more than a few steps ahead you end up positioning yourself for greater games and better LOL experiences. That’s the bottom line.


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