The great French outdoors looks so much more enticing thanks to the proper garden decking

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I remember visiting a friend of mine in Provincial, France and believe me, you really haven’t lived the good life until you have spent some time in the French great outdoors.

When people are talking about anything related to France, they usually talk about Louis Vitton or about Hermes bags, you know, the usual. They talk about luxury, sense of elegance and sophistication, and class. France has a near monopoly on this. France and French people are synonymous with high living.

It did not happen overnight. This was developed over several centuries. You only need to look at the historically significant figure of Louis the XIV to understand how this works, because Louis the XIV really  put  French, high culture, style and art on the map. He basically shaped it according to his own image and that influence still continues to this very day.

There’s a reason why a lot of sophisticated, well-traveled and high class people over the world have a special softness for anything and everything related to France in their heart. That is something about French experience, but believe me, it is not all about Paris. France is not all about Paris.

A lot of people have this idea that everything about France must be all about Paris, and vice versa. That’s absolutely wrong. While Paris does have more than its fair share of elegance, sophistication, and culture, there’s also a lot of that in the countryside.When I was spending time with my buddy in the great French outdoors, I saw this first hand.

There was a kind of calm sophistication and a profound yet simple, confident-level class you get when you are living in the countryside. It was really beautiful! It was the kind of experience that Van Gogh went after. Look at Van Gogh’s paintings, which were usually painted around Arles.

So do yourself a big favor. If you are really looking to experience the great French culture, do it both ways. This means go to Paris, spend your time there and then go to the countryside. Personally, I would spend more time in the countryside because it gives you a more authentic, sincere, and down to earth feel of the profound, class, elegance and sophistication of the French soul.

What really got to me was the garden decking that my friend had. The garden was simple and understated, but boy, did it make an impact! It kind of framed everything, like one of those elements you look for in a painting. You really can’t quite put your finger on it, why the painting resonates with you profoundly.

The garden decking kind of framed the whole garden location in such a way that it made for a haunting scene. So  if you are looking to recapture the great look that the French outdoors have, you might consider getting some garden decking installed.

Garden decking is not that complicated. You can actually do it yourself. It is also very modular and practical. You can start low and slow, it’s not that big of a deal. But definitely do it.

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