Tips For Choosing The Correct Pickleball Paddle

By LVW Team 2 years ago

Pickleball is a sport very similar to tennis. However, there are lots of differences between both the games. Pickleball game requires skills and preciseness. The game is becoming very popular among the youths. Pickle ball gaming requires a lot of sports accessories. You can buy sports accessories online also. But before buying the accessories for the pickle ball you must take into concern the various aspects of the equipment while purchasing. The selection of accessories especially pickle ball paddle is crucial and you can get some best ones at picky pickle ball.

Here are some tips that can help you in choosing the right kind of pickleball paddle:

Pick ball paddle:
The pick ball paddle is a racket made up which is available in different materials. The paddles are square shaped racket boards which are round in shape at the edges. Varieties of paddles are available in the market.
But you should have enough knowledge about the right kind of paddles. Here are some the tips on how you should choose the right paddles:

Paddle materials:
The most common material used for making the paddles is wood. But with the advancement in technology, the paddles are now made from various materials like graphite, aluminum, wooden, polyester plastic etc. Paddles of different materials have their own quality and advantages. You must choose the one which best fits you.

  • The wooden paddles were the first type of paddles manufactured in earlier times. They are very durable and reliable. The main advantage of the wooden paddle is that they are affordable. The wooden paddles are excellent for the beginners. They also provide a better grip.
  • The graphite paddles are the latest kind of paddles. These are made up of graphite with aluminum core. The graphite paddles are mostly used by the professional pickleball players. These paddles give you easy deflection of the ball in any angle and help you in better dinking of the ball at the net.

Paddles weight:
The weight of the paddles matters a lot when it comes to pickleball gaming. The light weighted paddles help you in giving the shot properly while the heavy paddles cannot give you wide angles for deflecting the ball at larger angles.

There are various materials used for manufacturing of the paddles. These days’ paddles also have the core material used in them to enhance the quality of the paddles. Depending upon the individual capabilities one should choose the paddles accordingly.

Paddle gripping:
The gripping of the paddles is very important. Better gripping of the paddles gives you comfortability in playing the game. For the best shot, you need the paddles which give you the best gripping. Paddles having a great grip gives you the better shots.

There are three rules-of-thumb for grip selection.

  • The short sized player should prefer the paddles under 5’2” grip.
  • The medium sized player should take the paddles between 5’3”-5”8” grip.
  • The large sized player should take the paddles above 5’9” grip.


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