Vietnam Visa Photo Size: Guide to Vietnam Tourist Visas

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In order to get a Vietnam visa from the nearest Vietnamese consulate office or embassy, it is advised that you download this visa form from the website of the local embassy and fill the form, up. Ensure that you pay attention to the Vietnam visa photo size requirements.

All the Vietnamese consulate offices or Embassy in the United States of America, the following will be demanded from you:

Your original passport – This is actually valid for about 6 months more after the trip has been planned, and with vacant pages for the full-page visa stamp.

A certified check, cashier’s check or money order payable to the processing mission, the embassy asks that you reach out them to make inquiries about the current fees.

Prepaid return envelope – if perchance you want the visa returned by mail (employ the services of prepaid return FedEx or USPS labels)

One completed visa application form

Extending your Stay in Vietnam

In time past, travelers were permitted to have their visas extended within the borders of Vietnam, which is not possible anymore. If you would want to apply for an extension. You must exit the country and apply for an extension at the Vietnamese consulate office or embassy just as you did when applying for the visitor’s visa.

If at this point you are unsure how long you want to stay in Vietnam, it is only wise that you apply for a 90-days visa.

The travelers that made their way into Vietnam via visa-free access might not find their way into Vietnam again visa-free except a 30-days period has passed since the last visa-free visit.

Are you applying for a Vietnam visa? If so then it’s important to consider various issues like the Vietnam visa photo size. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Photo Age
The photo must be 6 months old or earlier. This is important to make sure the photo is a close representation of how you look when you apply for your Vietnam visa. A dated stamp isn’t required. However, it’s important for the picture to be close to your current appearance. This is critical so it’s a close representation of how you look today. If the photo doesn’t meet that requirement you could have logistical problems in the future, which is something you’ll certainly want to avoid.

2. White Background
This is an important issue and is the standard background used for passport/visa photos. It’s important to avoid wearing a white shirt since it will blend in with the background. If it has a design like stripes or polka dots it’s probably not a big issue. However, it’s important for your top to have enough contrast with the background. As a general rule you should avoid an all-white or very light top as it will provide little contrast with the background.

3. Expression
This is an important issue to consider when submitting a photo for your Vietnam visa. You must have a neutral expression and not be smiling/frowning. This might be tough to do since we’re used to smiling for the camera. However, keep in mind you want to give yourself the best opportunity of the application being accepted. As a result it’s important to make sure the details are correct. That includes ones related to the visa photo.

4. Hats/Scarfs
They’re both not allowed when you have your picture taken. The exception for headgear is if you wear it for religious purposes all the time. In that case it’s permitted.

5. Eyeglasses
You shouldn’t wear eyeglasses when taking the photo. This is even true if you normally wear them. It might seem impractical if you normally wear glasses. However, what’s more important is for your full face to be visible in the picture. That’s why they have this rule.

6. Photo Size
The size must be 4cm x 6cm. or 2in. by 2in. Make sure that you get this part right because it’s important in terms of getting your application approved. When getting your photos taken make sure to get extra copies just in case you need them. That can help to avoid possible issues.

7. Photo Paper
Make sure the photo paper quality is good. This will help to make sure the photo will be able to withstand wear and tear. That’s definitely something you’ll want when you submit the photo. On the other hand, if the paper is flimsy it could cause problems that you’ll want to avoid. If you’re uncertain about the paper quality make sure to inquire about it when you have the picture taken. That will help to ensure quality paper is used.

If you want to have the best chance of your Vietnam visa being approved then make sure you get the Vietnam visa photo size right.

Are you applying for a Vietnam visa? If so then there are various issues to consider including the Vietnam visa photo size. Here are some guidelines you should know when applying for tourist visas.

  1. Size

The size of the photo must be 2×2 inches (4x6cm) for your visa photo. This is a very specific size requirement so it’s important to make sure the photo is exactly that size. It will help to avoid any potential problems.

  1. Color

The color of photo must be red-green-blue (RGB). Make sure to avoid filters and black and white.

  1. Head/Shoulders

The photo must include the person facing the camera. They can’t be facing another direction and this is an important requirement to remember. The shoulders must also be squared. These are very specific requirements yet it’s important to follow them to make sure you get the best results when applying for a tourist visa.

  1. Background

The background must be solid. It also must be plain bright and not include any colors. This is another important requirement when you have your photo taken.

  1. Details

There are various details that must be included/excluded from the photo in order to product the right photo. For example, the eyes must be visible/open. Glasses can only be worn if your eyes are seen clearly. You also shouldn’t smile in your photo but instead maintain a neutral expression.  A beard is ok if your normally wear on. The only real requirement for clothing is white shouldn’t be worn since it won’t contrast with the background. Finally, headgear can only be worn for religious purposes.

These are some of the main issues related to the size and content of your photo when applying for a tourist visa in Vietnam. Make sure you meet all the requirements in order to get the best results. It’s critical because it’s important to make sure you give yourself the best chance of having your tourist visa application approved. It will be less likely if you don’t meet each of the requirements.

Make sure to read them multiple times before you submit your tourist visa application. It will help to make sure you’re on the right track. You could always snap another photo before submitting your visa. However, you’ll certainly want to avoid needing to do that unless it’s necessary.

Make sure to learn the rules/requirements for babies, infants, and newborns. There’s a separate list of requirements for visa photos. Make sure to learn them so you’ll know the various requirements.

There are some specific requirements to keep in mind. Only the baby can be in the picture. There also shouldn’t be other objects in the image including toys, bottles, etc. If the child is sitting in a chair or lying down it’s important to put a white sheet behind the baby so the background is still white. The baby’s face should be squared up and his/her eyesopen as well. Finally, the size/tech issues that apply for adult visa photos also apply for ones for babies.

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