The payment process is considered to be the most important one, as the security of the client’s information is primordial to be kept confidential. Probably this aspect has had a major role in the increased reputation of the agency’s professionalism and the worldwide reputation as the best travel agency in Europe.

In order to keep the integrity and security of the payment process the 3D Secure platform has been implemented on the online portal. This system has become a standard in the security control of the bank transactions worldwide, due to its high flexibility and portability assurance.

Online Platform Payment

To pay for a selected offer you have several methods available. The first and the most used one is the online platform payment. When visiting the you are required to create an account, verified and confirmed via your email address.

At the moment of booking a travel offer, you are requested to pay the entire sum for the selected package. To do this, you need to link your bank account to your profile and to make the payment using it.

Simply go to your profile section and click the Add bank account button. You are requested to either enter the data from your credit card, or provide the identification number of your bank account. All the data from your profile must be valid and in accordance with the information of your bank account possessor.

To avoid any serious problems, a lot of checkups are being performed and the money transferred when making the payment is kept on a 3-day security period, in which the process can be rolled back in case of any issues. Also, the Call Centre has specially created a communication line for problems encountered by users of the site during the payment process. Assistance, guidance and support are 24/7 provided by trained specialists, able to solve any kind of issue.

Office Location Payment

The second method to pay for your booked travel offer is by reaching the regional office of Multinational Travel Agency and pays the money right at their front-desk.

A disadvantage of this payment process may consist in the fact that you will lose those 10% discount, that you can benefit of when making the online payment; but on the other hand, you are able to pay either via cash or credit card.

Beside this, the certainty of your booked offer is guaranteed as you will receive the travel’s documents right on the moment. You don’t have to worry so, about the validity of the printed sheets and the availability of them.

This payment method is often used by clients who are uncertain about the travel offer that they may choose and by those who prefer a customized and personalized offer to be provided to them. In these situations, the Travel Opportunities department, located at each regional center, is contacted and based on your availability, budget and considerations/preferences, will build a customized offer for you and will provide you a price for the entire package.

It is worth mentioning that the consultancy program is free to be used by all agencies’ members and the data provided by them are in accordance with the terms and policies that run inside Multinational Tourism Agency.

Another method that allows you to benefit of those 10% discount is to make the offers booking through your mobile application. This agreement has been established in order to increase the popularity of the mobile app and to encourage the usage of the modern technology in the real life concerns and issues.

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